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The $10 Gold Indian is considered by many experts to be the most beautiful gold coin designed by Augustus St-Gaudens, often referred to as America's greatest sculptor. Minted from 1907 to 1933, it was St-Gaudens' preferred plan for the $20 coin, but he was over ruled by politics over concerns about placing an Indian princess on our largest coin, with the Indian wars still a troubling memory.

Reasons why you should own this coin:

The $10 Gold Indian was the largest gold coin to be struck with the 'Indian Princess' motif. It replaced the Liberty type that had been produced for 69 years. All previous Indian gold was confined to the smaller One Dollar and Three dollar Gold types.

The Gold Act of 1933 effectively removed all gold coins from circulation. This gold recall forced the premature cancellation of any further production of $10 Gold Indians. All US citizens and banks were required to turn in any gold coins on hand. Once the coins were in government hands they were melted down and recycled into gold bars.

A further consequence of the 1933 Gold Act was the shipment of many US gold coins overseas to Europe, including many $10 Gold Indians. This had in effect helped preserve many coins in mint condition by keeping them out of circulation.

There is no IRS paperwork to be filed with $10 Gold Indians. All foreign bullion coins and bars require a form 1099 when sold back in quantities exceeding 25 troy ounces. However, US gold coins do not require any such paperwork!

Secure a Piece of American History

August is the best time to acquire gold coins for accumulation. Several months ago we offered MS-62 $10 Gold Indians for $999 but with the gold price trading in the mid $1,500's. This dip in the premium will not last and we are strongly urging our clients to take advantage of this limited time offer. We only have a few hundred coins available and once they are gone our price may change.

All our $10 Indian Gold coins are in MS-62 condition, certified by either PCGS or NGC and offered at $999 each. The details on these coins boldly show the Indian princess as envisioned by St-Gaudens. Large beautiful coins such as the $10 Gold Indians are slowly disappearing and may soon become unavailable at prices so close to their gold content (16.718 grams .900 fine gold).

The $10 Gold Indian is an outstanding gold investment from an era when gold was the only money you could trust.

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